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Science Improvement Program (Malaysia)

World Class Arena Limited (WCAL) supported TWIG and Prestariang by designing and delivering a Science Improvement Programme (SIP) for the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. 

The focus of SIP was to design an eight-week intervention, support and train secondary science teachers in Malaysian schools in delivering the programme and to evaluate the success of the intervention. The purpose of the SIP was to demonstrate the efficacy of a science intervention, designed to demonstrate how an educational system can improve student’s science performance, measured through the PISA student assessment programme. The intervention programme involved the creation of a short course, focused on Physics and the topic of friction.


Mawhiba is an educational charity in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of Mawhiba is to develop a group of world-leading schools in three cities, and to provide a supplemental set of learning experiences for students in those schools.  The Mawhiba programme also includes a national talent-search element, designed to identify students with exceptional potential from across the country, providing financial support to enable those students and their families to join the Mawhiba group of schools.

World Class Arena Limited (WCAL) supported Mawhiba by designing curriculum resources for Mawhiba schools, providing head teacher and teacher training, designing assessments for schools and developing an annual assessment of student progress. 

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