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Getting started with World Class Tests

Are you ready to get started with World Class Tests? This page will guide your next steps.

Step 1


Consider which students to register for World Class Tests. Very able students enjoy the high-level stimulation of World Class Tests, and having their achievements recognised can be a valuable boost to their self-esteem.

Consider how and when to use World Class Tests. Some schools use the tests as a fun day for the students. They complete the paper test and the computer test on the same day, collating results and quickly providing students with their certificates.

Other schools use the tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching. When large groups of students are registered, schools can opt to administer the tests over several days.

To help you decide, have a go with our example questions.

You can choose the time of year and date that you want to use World Class Tests. Some schools run World Class Tests in September-December. Others wait until towards the end of the school year, running them in April-July. 

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Click here to try out some example questions!

Step 2


When you are ready, you will need to register the names of the students who will be completing World Class Tests. You can complete the registration by filling out all your details and students details on our School Order Form.

Provide your student names exactly as you wish them to appear on their certificates. 

Students can attempt either or both of mathematics and problem solving.

Once you have sent your Order Form to WCAL, you will receive test booklets, student logon codes for the computer test, and your own school UserID and password to access the School Admin Site for World Class Tests. 

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School Order Form

Click here for the

Order Form.

Step 3


On your scheduled test day(s), you will administer the paper tests and the computer tests to your students. Their responses on the computer are automatically marked; all responses on paper are marked by the student's teacher. These marks can then be added to each student's profile via the WCT School Admin Site. A link to that site is provided in the header of this page. 

You can change the date(s) for your WCTs, but you must let us know when your plans and requirements change.

You can change details of students registered for World Class Tests. This includes correcting or changing how a student's name appears; or it can include substituting one student for another already registered. 

We don't provide refunds once your student registrations have been completed. 

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Step 4

Students completing World Class Tests will receive a certificate. These are included in the student registration fee and are available to download from the Admin Site as soon as all students have completed their tests. Alternatively, we can print certificates on your behalf and mail them to you. There is an additional charge for this service; details are on the Order Form.

A detailed school report is included in our pricing and is made available to you as a PDF.

World Class Tests sample certificate.png

Student's Certificate

Click for an enlarged view.

School Report rev1.png

Sample School Report

Click for an enlarged view and to see inside.

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