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Schools pay according to the number of students registered for World Class Tests.  The per student prices are as follows:


In addition, a Practice Test is available, priced at £55.00 (plus P&P and VAT) per school.

World Class Tests help to identify and challenge able students. They are tests of Problem Solving and Mathematics and are aimed at the upper primary and lower secondary age groups Each test requires students to apply their Mathematical and Problem Solving awareness to solve unfamiliar problems. Students are expected to communicate and explain their solutions.

Students taking World Class Tests should be able to:

  • think creatively and logically

  • use their thinking skills to solve problems and answer questions on subjects that they may not have studied previously

  • work out and respond to unfamiliar information, and demonstrate clearly how they think through and solve questions.

Teachers should encourage students who may not perform well in traditional tests, but who are creative thinkers and good problem solvers, to take the World Class Tests.

How They Work

World Class Tests have been designed to meet the needs of gifted students, and can challenge and extend their abilities. Trialling and live tests to-date show that very able students enjoy the high-level stimulation of World Class Tests, and having their achievements recognised can be a valuable boost to their self-esteem.

Some school use the tests as a fun, challenging experience for the students. They run the paper test and the computer test on the same day, collating results and quickly providing students with their certificates.

Other schools use World Class Tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching. For these purposes, we provide schools with School Reports, presenting detailed analysis of their students’ performance and comparative data from other schools around the world.

Why should I use World Class Tests?

Students completing World Class Tests will receive a certificate showing the date they completed the tests and their overall level of performance. These certificates are provided at no additional charge and are available for schools to download from the Admin Site as soon as all students have completed their tests and scores have been collated.


Alternatively, we will print certificates on your behalf and mail these to your school. There is an additional charge for this service.


Click here to see an example of the certificates.


A detailed school report is included in our pricing. The report is made available to schools as a PDF. It includes information, tables and graphics showing:

  • Average scores for your school in each area of Maths and/or Problem Solving, showing the relative profile across the subject.

  • The performance of each student in each area of Maths and/or Problem Solving, enabling you to identify students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • The scores achieved by each student, showing you their performance in more detail than the overall grades of Pass, Merit and Distinction.

  • A comparison of the distribution of your students’ scores against all other schools recently completing World Class Tests, enabling you to see the comparative levels of your students.


Click here to see an example of the School Report.

School Report

You can choose the time of year and date that you want to use World Class Tests.

Some schools run World Class Tests in September-December. Others wait until towards the end of the school year, running them in April-July.

When are World Class Tests available?

The tests were designed and produced under an international collaboration involving leading academics at the University of Leeds, University of Nottingham and University of Durham and advisors from the USA, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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