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About Us

About Us

World Class Arena Limited was founded in 2007 and is located in England.

Our expertise is in innovation in assessment and learning. Our work spans three layers: design and production of content; the role of technology; and managing change in complex organisational contexts.  We provide strategic, procurement and project management support for organisations looking to migrate paper-based examinations to computer. We design Apps, assessments and tests for students. We author assessments, tests and quizzes. We create assessments which we sell direct to schools around the world. 

What We Do

  • Development of curriculum and learning frameworks

  • Development of assessment criteria and standards; delivery of complex assessment projects; international assessments

  • Design of assessment frameworks; development and delivery of assessments

  • Design of classroom learning resources, assessments and text-books

  • Multi-language publication

  • Provision of strategic support for transitions from paper-based examinations to computer-based

  • Design and management of procurement projects; management of transitions

  • Development of Apps

  • Supply of World Class Tests

Our Values

Our Values


We value difference; through contrast comes challenge and new ideas. Through belief in equality comes respect.


We seek to make our environment better through our approaches to everything we do.


We work collaboratively with each other and with our key partners.


Our work ethic is driven by individual responsibility. Each of us seeks to improve, change and take a leadership role.


We build long-term relationships with strategic partners.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Office Address

Unit 8

Mill Yard



United Kingdom

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